The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm

This site invites you to discover the TOTAL Universe. It is a new vision of the Universe and things, a New Paradigm for Science, that is to say, a new base, new fundamental principles. It's also a new vision of the question of God. The world, its sciences, its foundations, etc., in short, all that makes that the world is what it is, are not good bases. The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm, it is thus also the base of a New World.

All that is presented:
- in seven videos which you are invited to view in the Video page of the site.
- in seven books in PDF format which correspond to the videos, free downloadable in the Download page.
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Did you know?

There exist basically two conceptions of the Equality: Identity and Equivalence.

  • The first one, the Identity, consists in saying:
    X = X or X IS X or X ER X

    That conception of the Equality, with which everyone most currently reasons and who is used to make science, is very restricted. It is very little appropriate to understand the Universe, its Nature, its Logic, its Functioning, etc.

  • The second conception of the Equality, the Equivalence, is infinitely more general and more powerful. According to this Equality, two different things X and Y, can however be the same thing, in the sense that they are always Equal from a certain point of view (called their Modulo).

    For two things X and Y, there is thus always a certain point of view, a certain common quality for which we have:
    X = Y or X IS Y or X ER Y.

    The Equivalence open us the full understanding of the Universe, of the TOTAL Universe to be specific. The Equivalence is the Nature, the Logic and the Functionning of the TOTAL Universe. It is the key of all the Science, the True Science. (Read the complete article ...)

See also the Video 3: The XERY: the Universal Equivalence, the Union, the Unity, the Love
Or freely download the corresponding book in PDF format: Book 3: The XERY: the Universal Equivalence, the Union, the Unity, the Love

The Books of the TOTAL Universe available for free download

A new Universe is being created, "New Heavens ans New Earth",
a World of ALTERNATION, governed by the XERY, the Absolute Love.

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The Videos

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Or freely download the following books in PDF format:
- Book 1: The OMEGA: the Set, the TOTAL Reality
- Book 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all Things

And click the image or here to download a special PDF document: The Request of Forgiveness.

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