The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm

This site invites you to discover the TOTAL Universe. It is a new vision of the Universe and things, a New Paradigm for Science, that is to say, a new base, new fundamental principles. It's also a new vision of the question of God. The world, its sciences, its foundations, etc., in short, all that makes that the world is what it is, are not good bases. The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm, it is thus also the base of a New World.

All that is presented:
- in seven videos which you are invited to view in the Video page of the site.
- in seven books in PDF format which correspond to the videos, free downloadable in the Download page.
- Other documents are also available for free download.

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Did you know?

Every year in France, over 140,000 children are snatched from their parents by social services. 77,000 of these removals are unfair, very unjustified; they are simply abductions, kidnappings. This represents more than 1 removal out of 2, and the number of children is the equivalent of a city like La Rochelle. It's huge! It is more than a crime against humanity, it is a crime against the TOTAL Universe. This crime does not exist only in France, because this serious problem of unjustified removals of children also exists in many countries in Europe, in the United States and around the world.

In some countries like France, children are snatched from many parents simply because of their opinion and their vision of things. All what speaks about God or Jesus Christ in a way that is not traditional, all what is too new, is out of the usual paradigms, is out of the classical norms, all what does not fit into the mould of the largest number of people, all what is not in the dominant ideology, etc., is very quickly accused of being a "cult". Such accusation is one of the pretexts used in France to fight all what disturbs, but it's important to say that the problem is very general. Each country has its accusations to eliminate all those who bother the system, or to bring them back into the traditional paradigms, the paradigms of the Negation, those on which this entire world is built.

To speak about the case of France, the woman and the man who speak about the TOTAL Universe (the New Paradigm) are combated by enemies of the Light, who snatched their children. The document The Testament of the Woman (in French) is the testimony of a woman monstrously separated from her daughter, because she and her husband work for the New Paradigm. Beyond the tragedy that a family lives (a father, a mother, a son and a daughter), The Testament of the Woman (in French) is a powerful revelation of the true face of this world, all that is hidden to you and that you need to know.

The Testament of the Woman (in French) is also a gospel (a good news) for a New World. In that meaning, the word "Testament" is to be understood as in "Old Testament" and "New Testament". Indeed, all the Science of the TOTAL Universe is simply the "Third Testament".

For more details, download and share the document The Testament of the Woman (in French).

The Books of the TOTAL Universe available for free download

Letter-book of a mother to her daughter snatched by the social services of Meuse (France),
an unjust and cruel legal system, as it's the case in many departments in France.
140 000 children are removed in France to their parents, and 77 000 among them are injustified; this represents 1 removal out of 2.
This is more than a miscarriage of justice, it is a crime against humanity.
The Testimony of a mother separated from her daughter, denunciation of an sordid and diabolic system.
The Testament of a Woman, the Judgment of a world, a Gospel for a New World.

The Videos

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Or freely download the following books in PDF format:
- Book 1: The OMEGA: the Set, the TOTAL Reality
- Book 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all Things

And click the image or here to download a special PDF document: The Request of Forgiveness.

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