The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm

This site invites you to discover the TOTAL Universe. It is a new vision of the Universe and things, a New Paradigm for Science, that is to say, a new base, new fundamental principles. It's also a new vision of the question of God. The world, its sciences, its foundations, etc., in short, all that makes that the world is what it is, are not good bases. The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm, it is thus also the base of a New World.

All that is presented:
- in seven videos which you are invited to view in the Video page of the site.
- in seven books in PDF format which correspond to the videos, free downloadable in the Download page.
- Other documents are also available for free download.

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Did you know?

The TOTAL Universe is the Set of all things, which we note U. As the greatest Set, he is called the Omega. But as he is also a thing, he is an element of himself. As an Element, the TOTAL Universe is called the Alpha.

The Alpha is the Set of all things. That is to say that he is the Unique Fundamental Element, the Single Elementary Constituent which constitutes all things, from the First to the Last, from the Alpha to the Omega. (Read the complete article ...) See also the Video 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all things
Or freely download the corresponding book in PDF format: Book 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all things

The Books of the TOTAL Universe available for free download

We live in a World of Negation.
The only goal of the life in these Worlds is to relearn the TOTAL Universe, the Lost Life.

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The Videos

This is the first of the seven Videos:

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Or freely download the following books in PDF format:
- Book 1: The OMEGA: the Set, the TOTAL Reality
- Book 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all Things

And click the image or here to download a special PDF document: The Request of Forgiveness.

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